where to stay in Singapore?

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Where to Stay in Singapore?

When coming to work in Singapore, the most immediate concern in most expatriates’ mind is where to stay in Singapore? People from the same countries tend to congregate at certain area or near the place they work. A lot of Expatriates ended up in the Central Business Districts or District 9 paying a king’s ransom for their housing.


What most Expatriates did not know that with the Singapore MRT trains running so efficiently, you can get anywhere in Singapore in minutes. Therefore, most of them after staying in Singapore for a while will slowly relocate to the the fringe area where rental can be as much as 42% lower. So where indeed is the best fringe area?


Firstly, the best recommendation is to pick Condos or Serviced Apartments minutes from the MRT Train Station along the Green East to West SMRT Line. This is where the trains start from Changi Airport to Jurong. It would make a lot of sense as most expatriates fly in and out of the country on holidays or business; easy access to Changi Airport is the key.


Secondly, rental is cheaper in the East and so are the eateries, shopping and services. As a general rule of thumb, you will pay about 20 to 30 percent less on groceries and 40 to 50 percent less on spas and services.


Thirdly, there are more nature and wide spaces in the East as they are nearer low lying residential area. In some area, it is ony about 20 minutes walk to the East Coast Beach.


So in Conclusion, where to stay in Singapore? Ideally, the apartments should be about 1-7 minutes walk to the MRT station in the East to West green MRT line where amenities and services abound. Why in the East again? Because it is cheaper in rental, shopping, services and there are more space all around.




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