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Corporate Housing Singapore

Corporate housing Singapore for relocating purposes? Looking for a corporate housing Singapore to stay? If you are looking to rent an Apartment in Singapore, most landlords will ask for a one or two years lease. Anything shorter than that, you will need to look at other accommodation like Hotels or a serviced apartment.  Between the two, most people will opt for a Serviced apartment than a hotel. Why? It is because not only do you have a whole apartment to yourself with a fully equipped kitchen, it is so much cheaper and provides more privacy.

A Serviced Apartment would make the move eighty percent less stressful than it is. Once you have selected the apartment, agreed on the price, sign the tenancy agreement and pay your deposit, you are all set to go.  All you will need to do is to pack your clothes and leave your housing needs to others. A Serviced Apartment comes with a fully equipped with cookware and dining ware where you can cook a nutritious meal, saving money from having to pay for your meal at the restaurant.


How to pick a serviced apartment and where should it be? There are 6 reasons why you would want a serviced apartment in the East Singapore. Firstly, you can get good affordable serviced apartment at 40-42% off the prime rate in the East of Singapore along the East-West Green MRT Train line. Ideally, the apartment should be 1-7 minute walking distance to the MRT station. With only a short walk to the MRT Station, you are on your way to every part of Singapore. You can leave your expensive car, taxi and the prospect of  facing a heavy traffic behind.


A short distance from the Changi Airport is also a plus point where you will will head to when you are going away for holidays, business  trips or going home for good.



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