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Corporate Housing Singapore

Corporate Housing Singapore Corporate housing Singapore for relocating purposes? Looking for a corporate housing Singapore to stay? If you are looking to rent an Apartment in Singapore, most landlords will ask for a one or two years lease. Anything shorter than that, you will need to look at other accommodation like Hotels or a serviced apartment. […]

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Accommodation Singapore

Accommodation in Singapore Looking for accommodation in Singapore for your  relocation purposes? It is easier to get long term rental apartment for 1 to 2 years lease in Singapore than it is for short term rental. Most owners would not consider 6 months rental unless the apartments is very old or at a not so good location. […]

Corporate Housing Singapore/condo in East 1-7 min Bedok MRT/96984000/

3 Quick Access

Travelling in and out of the country is cheaper and easier by a direct MRT train than by taxi. The MRT stations in the East are mere minutes away from Changi International Airport. A trip from the city is exorbitant by any other transport because of the distance and extra ERP charges.

6 Reasons why You want these serviced apartments/condo in the East 1-min Bedok MRT/96984000/

4. Healthy Living

The East Coast Park is the biggest park in Singapore. The sun, sand and sea beckons and rejuvenates you.  It is a great place for couples, groups of friends and families to spend an afternoon. You can rent bicycles, water sport gear, and roller blades. There’s cable-towed wakeboarding and summer skate camps for children. Camping, […]

6 Reasons why You want these serviced apartments/condo in the East 3-min Eunos MRT/96984000/

5. Glorious Food

At Geylang Serai, it is home to Singapore’s Malay community. During the days leading up to Hari Raya Puasa, the entire area lights up in celebration as people eat and shop in the evenings after the sun goes down. This is where you find Ayam Penyet (Coconut rice and fried chicken), Mee Rubus (Yellow noodles […]

6. Live in the East!

You can have a true Singapore experience as you get to mingle with the local community, while shopping and eating among them.  

where to stay in Singapore?

Vegan Burg, a popular and healthy Vegan restaurant in Eunos, 3-minute walk from Eunos MRT Station. Where to Stay in Singapore? When coming to work in Singapore, the most immediate concern in most expatriates’ mind is where to stay in Singapore? People from the same countries tend to congregate at certain area or near the place […]