Kembangan Town

Espira MRT Line

Espira Amenities 1

 Kembangan Town

Kembangan is one of the few towns in Singapore that consists mostly of Private Residences. It is very quiet and has lots of wide spaces and greenery. From Espira Suites, you just need a mere 3-minute walk to one of the biggest Exercise Park in Singapore and through the Park Connector a 20-min walk to the beach.

This place is dotted with convenience shops like Seven Eleven, NTUC, Eateries, Laundry Shop, Spas, Salons, Medical and Dental clinics etc. It definitely appeals to the exercise enthusiasts who love the outdoor and nature.

Espira Amenities 2 Telok Kurau Park is one of the biggest exercise parks in Singapore

Espira Amenities 3A 20-min walk to East Coast Park, one of the the biggest recreation parks in Singapore

Espira Amenities 4Dotted around the Kembangan MRT Station are Snacks shops, Bank Tellers, a Pharmacy and Convenience Stores

Espira Amenities 6Upmarket Spas, Hair /Nail Salons, Dental/Medical clinics 

Espira Amenities 7Children Enrichment Programs, Laundry and Car Rental Shops

Eunos Amenities 8Western, Chinese, Malay and Indian Coffeshops/Restaurants

Espira Amenities 924-hours Restaurants……

Kembangan Amenities Floor plan and map

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