Eunos Town

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Eunos Town

Eunos Town is one of the smallest and oldest Town Centres in Singapore. It is also home to the Singapore’s Malay community. The streets are beautifully light up during the Malay Festive periods and are a tourist attraction.


As compared to the other town centres, Eunos is small, cosy and quiet. The centre is equipped with amenities like wet/dry markets, convenience stores such as NTUC, Value Dollars, Smiles, medical/dental clinic, spa, hair salons and manicurists, etc. all at small cities’ prices.


You can find cusines of all kind – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western and even Vegan meals. Please try the delicious local food like the must-try Hainanese Chicken Rice, all-famous Laksa and even the mouth-watering Nasi Lemak and Ayam Penyek (fried smashed chicken).


Eunos appeals to tenants who like the quiet , cozy,  warmth of a small town feel and the eclectic mixed of shops.


Eunos Amenities 2Food Galore at Hawkers Centre, Wet Market and Coffee Shops side by side 


Eunos Amenities 3 Convenience Shops, Bank Tellers…

Eunos Amenities 4
Hair Saloons, Spas, Medical/Dental Clinics, Mobile Shops, Optemetrists, etc


Eunos Amenities 5Malay Festivities and popular Ayam Penyet and Satay

Eunos Amenities Floor Plan and Map

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